D7 Studios | Tetra Pak USA

In this section I am including some work I did for Tetra Pac. Tetra Pac is a company that specializes in flexible packaging. They make and distribute the machinery that creates flexible packaging like juice boxes and milk cartons. I was approached about generating some animations that demonstrated enhancements to their equipment which dealt with issues they were having with equipment failure. For the project I would have to model a very large unit they call a Accumulator, and another smaller unit called a Creaser. In addition I modeled a new style/version of the main rotating bearing used in these devices. In addition I created some animations showing the parts in use. The final renderings were provided to D7 Studios to be combined with graphics and a voice over to complete the piece. I handled all aspects of the 3D Modeling and Surfacing of the devices and all 3D animation. Below are some examples of the final models and animations.

Tetra Pak | AccumulatorTetra Pak | AccumulatorTetra Pak | AccumulatorTetra Pak | AccumulatorTetra Pak | CreaserTetra Pak | CreaserTetra Pak | CreaserTetra Pak | Bearing