Excursions | Illustrations & Paintings

Our original illustrations and paintings are created using the latest technologies and techniques. Utilizing traditional hand painting techniques such as oils, watercolor and acrylics we create our paintings on the computer which allows us to make adjustments to best enhance the final product. These illustrations and paintings can be used in brochures, greeting cards or framed and hung on the wall. Incorpaorating a special technique our final paintings are printed on canvas prior to being stretched and framed.

Illustrations: An illustration is an image presented that illustrates a specific concept or mood. Mostly used in advertising on brochures, annual reports, magazines and greeting cards.

Paintings: A Painting is a mode of expression in the form of a flat visual. They are ususally purchsed to hang on a wall such as in the lobby of an office. Our paintings use a special process where the final image is printed on canvas and then stretched and framed for permanent display.

Our "Illustrations" and "Paintings" are grouped into five categories depicting five distinct styles. They are ...

These images are hand painted and mimic the look of a traditional impressionistic oil paintings.

The imagery in this section have an old, aged and antique look to them. Various techniques are incorporated to give the appearance of a handed down original.

Our "Fusion" illustrations have a more modern "Pop or Op" art look and incorporate digital enhancements to cause the colors to burst off of the page.

These paintings and illustrations are targeted at providing seasonal greeting card art for mail outs to clients and friends.